Agency by Design

My next series of blog posts are a sharing of the ideas, resources, and more from an incredible opportunity that I had through the Martin Institute as a Martin Fellow. Last week was the Project Zero Perspectives conference in Memphis provided by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Much of the focus surrounded the Visual Thinking Strategies work at Harvard, but it extended to a number of their projects to transform K-12 learning. 

The best professional development for me these days allows for growth of self, growth of network, and growth of the learning spaces that I'm attempting to make better. This experience was definitely three for three. 

Part 1: Makerspaces

As more and more schools are looking at how they can transform spaces into their schools into opportunity for kids to make and design, the Making Things Happen blog seems like a great resource for schools looking for a network of learners surrounding making. Jen Ryan from Harvard supports this work through a project called Agency by Design that looks to bring the best idea of the maker movement to schools around the country. Watch her thoughts on the importance of making on the TED talk below.