Allow Learning to Change Your Mind

A large group of teachers from throughout the area have a great opportunity to learn more about technology integration this week at the Midwest Educational Technology Conference, METC. This annual event gives educators an opportunity to think about how technology can be used differently in the classroom. When presented with these learning opportunities, it is easy to get caught in the trap of asking what will be different on Monday after attending a conference, training, or professional development session. There always seems to be the pressure for immediate return on investment when adult learners return from their time away from the classroom. I would encourage everyone, especially those attending METC this week, to begin to shift that mindset. Learning takes time to soak in. Learning that transfers to sustainable classroom practices takes time. Learning is a process. The next time that you have a chance to grow and learn don't feel the panic to implement, but do allow yourself to shift the way that you look at things and consider truly shifting the routines and habits that you have based on this new knowledge, so that your instruction grows in a sustainable way.