Can we ever really take a break from learning?

With Spring Break within reach, it begs the question about whether or not we have time to take a break from learning or whether it is even possible to take a break from learning. There is always a struggle within me to know when it is time to pause to reflect, slow my thinking, and recharge the battery or press forward in the work to create the best possible learning spaces for kids. Learning is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week adventure in this world, and it is hard to pause knowing the fire hose of information that includes incredible opportunities is passing us by. I often ask whether taking a break sends the wrong message to our kids about the needed work ethic to succeed. Does anyone else share a nervousness about the message that taking a break sends? The right answer to this question is elusive for me these days, but it may lie in an always playing, always working model that requires a tender balance and solid communication with those that surround you. Enjoy the time ahead, whether it is learning, playing, or everything wrapped together.