Language Matters

The words that we use about our students, our positions, and our frustrations make a huge difference in the overall success of the organization. Words matter. During my time when I taught kids the concepts of being critical readers and writers, I always enjoyed the study of linguistics. Recently, the New York Times created an incredible activity to support conversations around linguistics. I hadn't had a chance to work with it until recently, but it is a 25 question quiz that pinpoints where someone lives based on their responses. Language says a lot about our story and the story of those that surround us. I can imagine being back in the classroom asking the following questions. Is there a right answer to these questions? Do our current language patterns trap us into our place in the future? Which question made you want to learn more about the potential responses? Take time to take this amazing quiz, and as you complete it, remember the importance of each word that we use to shape and support our learning spaces this week.