Visual Thinking Strategies-Tools for Learning

When I learn about  a "new" concept or idea in education, I often feel very silly. It begins to eat into my being. I ask myself how could I have missed some of the pure gold that has been in front of my face for this long. I felt this way recently as I leaned into learning surrounding the Visual Thinking Strategies that were cultivated by Project Zero at Harvard. These "routines" are an incredible way to get kids thinking about their thinking and learning process. Too often, we make assumptions that kids have structured ways to think about the complexity of the learning taking place. If you aren't aware of the power that can come from these routines, check out this blog dedicated to sharing how teachers using these strategies to enhance student learning. How do we lean through that feeling of being silly about our ignorance to a place where we can absorb the best stuff no matter how old or known it already is to the masses?