Moving On- Let's Go for A Ride

Long before my efforts to run marathons took most of my time training time, my passion for the adventures of cycling filled hours and hours of my time. It started with a ride to Carlyle Lake where I rode 50 miles in unbearable heat while in middle school. The freedom that I had to ride around the community grew my sense of place and gave me the freedom to grow. These medals came from my two rides of the MS150. They were great adventures for a great cause. I've been on the rolling county fair in Iowa known as RAGBRAI, four times and tackled the Ride the Rockies adventure on one occasion. I've any helped others tackle KATY trail. There is a peace on my bike as my power allows me to see so much at the perfect pace. There is a whole dresser of bike memories, so I'll include a few more pictures even though I'm not ready to let those items go.