Moving On- Missouri Scholars Academy

I've been a collector of memories for a long time, and I've struggled to let go of many of the items that remind me of wonderful experiences from throughout my life. This became a major realization as I moved to a new home this month. I'm dedicated to letting go of the physical items, well at least most of them, but I'll be showcasing the items digitally here before they head to recycling. Hopefully this journey will open my heart and mind to the readers of this blog as I believe that transparency helps the marketplace of ideas grow.
The first image is attached. It represents my first PLN, well before the term existed. It is my tribe from the Missouri Scholars Academy. Every summer a group of 15-16 year olds gather to learn, commune, and have fun. It was here that dreams hatched for me, and I've been working to fulfill them for the last 25 years.