The Martin Institute Summer Learning 2014 - A Post Allowed to Simmer

Apparently, I forgot to publish this post in June. This was my third time attending the Martin Institute Summer Conference in Memphis. I'm always impressed by the learning here. It was actually the place that allowed my connection to the Davis Academy to begin. I worked with them today to bring some primary sources to their conversations about race, #ferguson, and the links between today's struggles and the oppression in Birmingham in the sixties. It was one of those conversations born out of passion, risk-taking, connected learning, and a bit of serendipity. 

My presentation on connected learning was only the beginning of the connections
that have been built since June. 
Rafe Esquith had a compelling story, and he reminded me that I should always show
appreciation for the village around me. 

The power of Project Based Learning was on display. Courageous teachers are connecting kids through
choice, voice, and authentic audience.

Alice Parker might be the best teacher on Earth. Heart of gold. Passionate for learning..
Learn from her each moment, and she handles my silliness. 

Jill Gough reminds me to level up everything. There isn't anything that can't be done
 with math and best practice, and I believe her. 

Jaime and Lee have taken this event to a new level, and they will be missed, and look there is a Ron Berger.
He is the zen master of teaching.