The Shift- Adult Learning Right

Transforming adult learning needs to be front and center as we continue our conversations about enhancing the learning experience for kids. Too often, professional development is conducted with inertia, habit, or laziness, and the results are dismal.  All humans learn deeply when they are actively engaged in the learning process through conversation, movement, and designing solutions. Many talk a good game when it comes to delivering these best practices, but few experiences leave learners fulfilled. Over the course of the last five years, educators throughout the country have taken back the leadership of their learning and have built a new path forward. Learners are leading learners in meaningful real-time conversations about what matters to them in a supportive culture that promotes innovation, best practices, and ideas. This philosophy sits at the heart of every edcamp experience. From the weekend experiences of edcamp to the use of the model in districts and with staffs, this opportunity to learn is breaking the cycle and building a new direction for meaningful adult learning. edcamp learning is experiential. It requires your voice and participation. Lean in to something new, different, and meaningful for kids. Be a part of a movement to change adult learning for the betterment of all of our schools.