Reaching Out- An Educon Post

Today is a day of connections. Connecting back to home and the realities that we are presented each moment of our journey to grow our learning and the learning of others. Connections to allies that can agree and argue and care and support. Connections today are rarely local for so many of us, but we know the importance of having local allies as well. Connections to new ideas and thoughts. It can't be an echo chamber as that type of noise will drown us in voice. Connections to place...SLA has always been a place of growth, a place in beta, but also a place with a compelling story. Soak in the story, see its flaws, have grace for its efforts, and take and share what makes sense in the moment. Connections to great people that have great families and beautiful kids. These are the connections that have moved past learning and into our deeper communities. Connection to our inside voice, not the one of inside recess, but the one that tells us that we aren't good enough that we can't do it that it is too large a journey for us to take. Let's the connections of this Educon being fruitful for your head and heart and soul. Learn with me. Learn for kids. Learn. Live, Laugh.