Slow Me Down

The search for excellence in education needs a deep sense of urgency. It needs courage, innovation, and skilled persuasion. It needs metrics. It needs deeply committed adults and kids. It needs time, space, and a lot less excuses. It needs pace and endurance. It needs all of this at scale that moves us beyond pockets of excellence.


The needs of our educational ecosystem are immense. It makes me not want to pause. It makes me want to go and go and go. I saw allies in this work rate at the FETC Executive Summit this week. During this opportunity to learn, I noticed an urgency at a rate that inhibited new learning from happening as well. 


Multiple times I tried to remind myself to pause to retain the information. Multiple times, I tried to remind myself to pause, be quiet, and reflect on the ideas that were being presented. Multiple times, I thought about how the information shouldn't be trapped in my thinking, but redistributed to others to use,  to mold, and to make better. 


It is hard to pause long enough to learn deeply again. The type of learning that shifts our thinking, amplifies our efforts, and reinvigorates our core energy. How can we honor a slower rate that maximizes change with the best ideas? How can we push for more while reserving time for excellent learning? 


I worry that when we gather from the trenches that we can't pause, listen, love, and be soul giving to others. I'm looking for the strength to slow down, so that I can speed up the pace of change for kids.