Small Batch Innovation


Often when we think about innovation, a lump in our throat appears as we think about how hard it is to make charge, execute change, and sustain change over time. Innovation is often exhausting before it even starts. Big, audacious change can rightfully bring not only a lump in your throat, but stress, anxiety, and fear. Change is hard, and innovation is rarely popular. To avoid some of these things, I encourage you to explore small batch innovation. Small batch innovation is a concept born from having a personal culture of yes that allows you to be agile, nimble, and try new things on the fly. It means hearing a great idea and trying it the next day because it will bring more joy, engagement, and happiness to the classroom. Small batch innovation can be about how you phrase things to colleagues with a more positive spin. Small batch innovation can be about the non-verbals that you bring into a setting. Small batch innovation can be stopping something instead of starting something. Ultimately, it is a growing comfort with small batch innovation that will lead to a less stressful reaction to large scale innovation and a greater potential for sustainable innovate change over time.