13X13+13- November Edition

Eleven 13.1 mile runs this year completely for the joy of running. It has been a great journey, and there are still two more to complete. This run was one that made it hard to find joy. It was a cold November rain for one hour and fifty plus minutes. Though I was dressed for the event and I didn't feel the effects of the cold rain until the final miles, it is only a runner with many miles in his legs that could have enjoyed this run. After really struggling to get this run on the calendar, I was dedicated to walking out the door, putting my head down and running. From the beginning, I knew that this course was a hilly one with some long climbs throughout the run. At mile nine, I turned into the wind as I followed the River Des Peres Trail, so the last four miles were cold and windy. Throughout the year, I have been physically taking pictures of my runs each month, but with my winter gloves barely keeping my hands warm, coupled with the rain on my phone made it nearly impossible to capture the run in pictures. Instead there were lots of mental pictures (most of which were gray and wet). Survive and advance.