Tis the Season to Innovate


The terms innovation and technology often become synonymous for many school districts. Though technology has led to many innovations, both big and small, it doesn't have to be central to innovation. Innovation and positive change for kids can be found in almost all things. Educational thinker and friend in learning, George Couros, recently published a great new book on the Innovator's Mindset, and it has me thinking about innovation sans technology as a means to flavor our learning culture with a diverse innovation recipe. Consider the following questions. 


  • How can we innovate questioning as a means to deeper learning?
  • In what ways can we innovate our relationship building with our students?
  • What innovative communication and storytelling opportunities are currently on the sidelines?
  • How can our learning spaces promote innovative learning moments for kids?
  • Are there innovations in assessment strategies that can support the passions of all learners?
  • With whom should we innovate?
  • How might innovation bring joy or happiness to the classroom?