The Air Up Here

After thirteen hours in the car driving from Saint Louis to Silverthorne, Colorado, I was ready to be out of the car. I was ready to breathe the mountain air. I was ready to ski. I was ready to sled. I was ready to throw snowballs. Could you tell that I was excited? It is the excitement that comes with playing a new video game? It is the excitement of hearing a live band. It is the excitement of seeing a friend after years apart. It was that type of excitement that overcame me. 

Then I realized it was -6 outside, and it was dark. I realized that I needed some time at altitude to really enjoy my time the whole week. I realized that I had to slow down, but what I didn't have to do was give up on my excitement. I had to shelve it for a few hours. 

I then remembered that our kids in schools struggle every day because they have to give up their excitement, whatever they are learning at home when they come to school, so they can "learn" the stuff that we think is important. Can you imagine if I showed up in Colorado excited and ready to go and I was told that all of the stuff that I wanted to do was off limits and I had to ice fish all week? I'd be miserable .

I'm not saying that kids don't have to put their excitement about learning on hold at times, but we can't pull the excitement football out from under them everyday. The air of excitement is high, and we need to breathe it in.