When Colder Just Feels the Same

I woke in Colorado this morning to an actual temperatures of minus four degrees. Possibly the first time in my life that I've been at an actual temperature below zero. I know folks from Minnesota, Montana, and Norway are laughing at me, but it is true. I walked outside, and it was cold, really cold, but it seems like there comes a temperature when it is can't feel much colder. It is a temperature when every degree beyond the current one will only lead to a wow factor on the thermometer, but it won't change the actions of people, and it won't impact how things proceed. 

It seems like there is a volume of testing in schools that is much the same. It reaches a point when more achieves no change. More doesn't change learning. More doesn't generate a new conversation or a new mental model for how to support kids. So many of us believe that we have run past this volume that creates any change. It feels to us like we are a few degrees below zero and the system is frozen with no change in sight.