Assigning Rest

There is a lot of stress in normal life. Navigating the little things necessary to have healthy relationships with family, children, and coworkers all add stress to a "normal" life. Couple that with financial concerns, life management, and administration of your stuff (oil changes, home maintenance, and making technology work) and the most normal of lives are filled with stressful moments. Add to these things the stress of a life trauma (loss of a loved one, flooding in the home, struggling relationships, health issues) and stress grows while the idea of being restful fades.


Though schools have moments in the calendar when it breaks (winter break, spring break, and summer break). Is this enough time for bodies, minds, and souls to recoup? Can a human that lives in a state of perpetual stress really shift during these parts of the year? Can rest reign when stress is a norm? It feels like we should acknowledge our stress more often publicly. Not as a sign of weakness, but as a sign of our humanity. It would lift the veil of strength that most of us hold on the surface allowing more support in our times of need to seep into our daily lives.


What if educators talked more about their stress, how they manage it, and how they need support? Could this help our students to not perpetuate our generational mistakes with stress? Could we assign more rest? Letting students and adults know that they are expected to slow down. Letting them know that being well rested and without stress means we are a more creative being. We are a more loving being to others. We are more apt to develop solutions for others.


Maybe it is time to assign ourselves more rest and let others know about our plans to rest as a sign of strength in our character as opposed to hiding our weakness of failing to shed chronic stress.