What Blinds Us

The view this morning from our mountain cabin isn't as beautiful as the pictures have made it appear all week. The low ceiling leaves the morning sun behind the clouds, and it is a reminder that I've been spoiled by the beauty of the mountains all week. The new view of the mountains brought a reminder that we are blinded by a lot of things in our life and our work, and how it is so important for us to take notice of this fact and work to push this blinded reality into our conscious minds as often as possible. 


We are blinded by inertia because what we have known, seen or believed has its routine in our life, so it is easier to just continue. We are blinded by beauty and the surface images that are beautiful to our eyes and senses. So much of life sits below the surface, but we are blinded to it because of the interference that surface beauty causes. We are blinded by survival. In times when life is hard, it is truly difficult to see with clarity. We are blinded by convenience as life is easier at times through the privilege and convenience that we allow ourselves. We are blinded to hardship. The invisible people that surround us suffer daily, and it is hard to enter this space in a genuine way because allowing ourselves to feel for and with the invisible is truly hard on our souls. 


How can we break ourselves of this habit? How can we grow in sight and insight? What allows us to see when it is cloudy and without a view?


Today there are more questions than answers. It is hard to see a solution this morning just as it is hard to see the snowcapped peaks across the valley.