15 Years Later

I talked to a passionate photographer today. We just turned 20. He said that he had been taking pictures since he was in preschool. I could feel his passion for this work. It was a quick conversation though because after he handed me a cafe mocha the customer behind me was ready to order. This chance encounter made me pause to think about whether it was possible that schools, education, the way that we do things could have caused this young passionate learner to go from filling his life with beautiful images to filling coffee cups. Could it have been the master schedule? Could it have been too much teacher-centered learning? Could it have been grades, points, and averages? Could it have been a teacher saying no when he proposed to showcase his learning in pictures? Could it have been the flood of testing? Let's continue to talk about doing the best things for every kid, every day, so that 15 years later we truly know that we haven't stolen any dreams from the beautiful children around us.