13x13+13 March Edition

In an effort to continue to find joy in my running, I've committed to running 13 half marathons over the course of the year while taking time to notice the beauty and space around me. During these runs, I'm taking 13 pictures to capture my journey. 


The March run was a brisk afternoon run. It may have been the last pre-spring run of the year. It featured lots of Kirkwood with the start/finish in Webster Groves. 


Picture 1: It is still amazing how the Magic House as evolved over the years. It is a beautiful monument to learning and children. If only all of our schools could build this joy in learning. 


Picture 2: In a few short weeks, the Farmers' Markets will be open and bustling with people on the weekend. Love how the Farmers' Market is tucked into Kirkwood.


Picture 3: This water slide in Kirkwood Park looked very lonely on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Picture 4: This was one of the few trees that had already opened its beauty to the world. Everything else seemed ready to make an appearance this next year. Bring on spring. 


Picture 5: When running and noticing, it is amazing what pops out. So many things that you see every day, but you never notice. This old cemetery sign looked full of stories. 


Picture 6: The quiet area at the bottom of Kirkwood Park is some of my favorite space in the city. This bridge leads to a great hiking trail, and the solitude that I know in this space was again available today. 


Picture 7: Running on the shoulder through the Sugar Creek area is always fun going downhill, and it is always more fun when you notice the bass mailbox. Something about it just made me smile. 


Picture 8: This is one of those places in Saint Louis that I'd like to explore. It wasn't on the agenda for today's run though. The next mile of this run was all uphill. 


Picture 9: If God was speaking today, I was really trying to listen. The beauty of nature around me was a great opportunity to listen with all of my senses. 


Picture 10: I feel like all of my pictures featured the blue sky today, and this red of these Kirkwood Schools signs made for a great contrast. 


Picture 11: Look Manuel Herrera's house made the post. Hoping for a great spring and summer running season for him as we gets the engine started again. 


Picture 12: I guess the picnic was over. Stories were everywhere during my run. 


Picture 13: A beautiful day. A beautiful run. Not a bad time either.