Curating All Those Lists

List after list after list. There are plenty best of list in the field of education technology, but rarely is there enough time to actually explore even a few of these lists. Recently there was a post discussing 50 Chrome Extension. I deleted it.


Then I decided to try something new with these lists. I would open it, take a small bite, and see if anything tasted good. I figured I would look for 10% return on my read or five leads. From those five leads, my ultimate hope was that one idea would be worth putting into practice. The five that initially jumped were: Chrome Remote Desktop, NewselaLucidchart for EducationBiology Pop, and VideoNotes.


I knew some about each of these, but many I didn't know about as Chrome Extensions. I decided to really dig into Newsela. It is a great way for students of all reading levels to access non-fiction on the same topic through leveled reading text that is made available through the platform on a huge variety of topics.


There are gems out there, but being busy and full requires us to be strategic about how we mine for the best stuff and put it to use in our classrooms.