13X13+14 April Edition

Never have I taken time during a race to truly capture the beauty of the things that were happening around me, but during my most recent marathon, the Go Saint Louis Marathon, I decided that it wasn't race day, but it was a really big social running day. I was able to run half of the day with a wonderful person that was completing her 100th marathon, and the second half of the race with someone completing her first marathon. It was a slow, but joyous day of running 2:14 first half, 2:11 second half. Enjoy the photos that I captured along the way. 


The race route this year used the beauty of the arch and the river to begin the race. Even as a native to Saint Louis, the sunrise over the arch and view of the riverfront are always impressive. The woman in the green was running her 100th marathon, Rae Mohrmann, the queen of joyous running. Had a chance to enjoy the view of Busch Stadium, Soulard Market, and the Budweiser plant. I even stopped to get a picture with a Clydesdale and a sample some product. Always great to have entertainment on the course and the beauty of Union Station. The second half of the race, not pictured, took us out to Forest Park before crossing the finish line.