May is an interesting month for schools. There is a desire to wrap things up, put a bow on the year and in some cases, just manages the days until the end. This is the short game, and all of us understand the role that it is plays in our classrooms and schools. Some of us have always played the short-game in May with no experience in the long-game. The long-game is about taking time to think about how things will be different next year. It is about trying something new in May, so that you can refine it over the summer. It is about figuring out how to do things different instead of just trying to do more. The long-game grows our capacity and the capacity of those around us. Rarely though do you find the long-game at the top of the to-do list in May. Why not try to build a short-game list of those things that are urgent and a long-game list of things that are significant and then make sure to work on some of each throughout this final month of school.