The Same Mistakes

Are we destined to make the same mistakes over and over? How much does history have to hurt for us to remember how we got to some of the most devastating places? Will we make the same mistakes as our ancestors? Is there a time when we can reflect on the mistakes of the past, so that we pave a brighter future?


Does this apply to taring down our messengers? Does this mean not stealing from others for profit? Does this mean treating people the way that all humans deserve?


I weep about the mistakes that we have created in the past. The responsibility is a collective one. It means that we should all hurt and feel deeply about the ways that we have caused the effects of poverty to infect our neighbors. It means that we should struggle to watch any group, especially the invisible people of our society, be treated in a way that others would never have to tolerate. It means making sure that those that work for love, caring, and compassion are treated in a way that matches their desire for good. 


Resisting the ease of just making the same mistakes takes courage. It requires a commitment, and a heart deeply rooted in service. It takes a missional heart.


Let us work to avoid the same mistakes.  Let us work for all cultures, people, and places that deserve our attention.