Study Goals- Pine Ridge Reservation

Because of a generous invitation by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, I have the opportunity to study this week on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is the home of the Lakota Sioux. An incredible amount of history lies on this reservation including history unwritten and passed down by oral tradition well before explorers, settlers, and the government were a part of things. Some of the darkest secrets of our nation's history are here. Some of them past, some in the present, and hopefully less in the future.


All of this land is sacred and beautiful as are the people that call the reservation home. Thirty years ago, I  traveled with my family through this area. My innocence to history allowed me an unfiltered lens to the beauty of the land. I'm hopeful that I can see this beauty again in a much deeper way, but this week will also be different as I will move from tourist to traveler, translator, and teammate with the hope of learning, sharing, and growing. 


My study and reflection questions for the week will include:


How might we bring some of the excellent elements of learning around the globe to this space so that the experts at Pine Ridge can blend them with the excellence already taking place?


How might we amplify beautiful culture, so that it pushed back on the gravity of poverty?


How might we lift up the ideas for hope that are growing at Pine Ridge today?


There are many ways to connect with this trip for leaders, teachers, and students. Start with following the social media opportunities this week including the hashtag #pennlakota15. More details about the trip can be found at this link:


We would also love to make potential classroom connections throughout the week, so if you know a classroom or school that sees this as a learning opportunity, please reach out to me via Twitter @ideaguy42 or via e-mail at: