How would kids learn if they didn't have school?

How would kids learn if they didn't have school? Someone posed this question earlier this week, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. It has brought me to think about home schooling, old-time learning, and post-apocalyptic learning. Mostly though, it has lead me to believe that schooling varies greatly from natural learning. Without schools, students would learn what they loved and what they needed. They would learn from those around them as long as they trusted their opinion and felt like they had something to offer. They would learn with the support of video and the instant access to knowledge that the Internet provides. They would observe, experiment, and make mistakes. They would learn in the wrong order, then reorder and reorder until it made sense to them. They would laugh, and play and feel the joy of learning. Maybe we have something to learn from this question and this conversation. Schooling and learning should become friends again.