Leading Connected Classrooms- How Students Learn Voice

Over the next month, this blog will feature excerpts and guest posts surrounding my latest book, Leading Connected Classrooms- The Heart and Soul of Teaching and Learning. This book is designed for teachers, teacher leaders, and building leaders who are looking to bring excellence to the learning in their schools.


With students, there is always learning to be had in this space. Students need to learn the tone and timing of bringing their voice into a professional space. They need to learn to be bold without being abrasive, and they need to learn clarity without being simple. In this space, it is easy for teachers, leaders, and schools to get jittery. Allowing kids to make mistakes in public is one of the leadership muscles that must grow in open, transparent schools. Once kids have their voice beyond the walls of the school, many amazing things begin to happen. Students begin to think like advocates. They begin seeing problems, and they can’t look past issues that need attention. Empowering student voice breeds action, and it creates the platform for lifelong, passion-based learning.