Leading Connected Classrooms- Our Next Solution Makers

Over the next month, this blog will feature excerpts and guest posts surrounding my latest book, Leading Connected Classrooms- The Heart and Soul of Teaching and Learning. This book is designed for teachers, teacher leaders, and building leaders who are looking to bring excellence to the learning in their schools.


Big challenges are in our future. As a planet, we will need a plan to feed more than nine billion people and to quench the growing need for water for consumption, agriculture, and industry. Another great challenge lies in transitioning our energy to a greater portfolio of renewable energy. These are massive undertakings and pose some of the greatest challenges of our time. The brightest minds work to build scalable solutions each day. Eventually, the minds charged with the work to enhance our planet will be coming from the classrooms of today. Those minds could include the quiet girl in the corner who is always reading a book or the noisy girl with pink hair and tons of opinions. 


The next generation of solution makers won’t come from those who take tests well, but those who learn, unlearn, and learn with artful agility. They will come from the students who think big and act often with no fear of failure. The future solution makers will come from classrooms that cultivate those skills. Cultivating the skills needed to lean into the biggest problems we face requires a classroom willing to take on big challenges and classrooms willing to pause some pieces of normal instruction to allow for the sparked passion of students to drive the learning.