Leading Connected Classrooms- Student Digital Footprint

Over the next month, this blog will feature excerpts and guest posts surrounding my latest book, Leading Connected Classrooms- The Heart and Soul of Teaching and Learning. This book is designed for teachers, teacher leaders, and building leaders who are looking to bring excellence to the learning in their schools.


Most students have a digital footprint. They have filled it with photos, tweets, and comments, but in the best classrooms, students are given opportunities to be intentional about their digital footprint. These students are building a positive personal brand that will guide, shape, and limit the poor choices around digital footprint. To do this, students are working from their strengths. They are writing songs, creating art, writing books, and making useful household items. They then place this work in the global marketplace for feedback. They ask buyers from throughout the world about whether they have a product that has market value. They learn about cost, discounts, and marketing, and they begin to see the potential of entrepreneurship. 


During this process, students are learning that negative words, images, and activities related to them can impact their ability to grow their brand and grow a customer base. Embedded in these opportunities are other lessons about digital behavior. Students are given opportunities to interact with other websites that are successful based on feedback loops created by users including online book reviews, online stores, and digital reviews of services that are available in the community. 


Students in classrooms dedicated to growing civilians are learning about the digital marketplace and how it functions.