Leading Connected Classrooms- The Democratic Classroom

Over the next month, this blog will feature excerpts and guest posts surrounding my latest book, Leading Connected Classrooms- The Heart and Soul of Teaching and Learning. This book is designed for teachers, teacher leaders, and building leaders who are looking to bring excellence to the learning in their schools.


It is easy to talk about the beauty of democratic principles, but it is quite difficult to build the structures and culture in classrooms that allow students and facilitators of learning to practice the messy reality of democracy building. Many classrooms have students build the rules and procedures to begin the school year. This is a worthy activity, but one of the lessons to go with this activity is that democracy is fluid and today’s norms may need to evolve. Classrooms need to continuously return to these rules and procedures, and allow students to have dialogue about how they should change based on what has been learned through observation, data, and feedback.