13X13+13- June Edition

The summer heat has landed in Saint Louis, and the days were running short for me to complete my June half marathon. On the morning of this run, the skies opened and the rain flowed. I almost rolled over and called it a day. Instead, I examined the radar for a window, and less than two hours later, another long run was in the book. From my new home (I guess it has been a year now), it is 1.78 miles to the edge of Forest Park, so I took the road well travelled for this run. After completing the first loop past the zoo, the mounted police, the dinosaur, I took a quick stop at the Visitors Center. My second loop of the park took me on some of my favorite back roads that sneak behind the golf course and art museum. I finished the run up the big McCausland hill for a second time and worked my way home. Only two more summer 13 milers to go. Enjoy the pictures.