Shaken, not stirred

Thank you to the wonderful people that refill my soul. I often feel lonely in my dreaming for kids and schools. I often feel lonely when I'm exhausted from the work pace that I keep. I often feel lonely when I seek the best and no one has time and space to join me in the journey. Every year though ISTE 15 squashes this loneliness and refills my soul in an exhausting and energizing death March of experiences. I'm getting better at ISTE. I'm napping. I'm stealing moments of deep conversation. I'm listening more and talking less. Most importantly, I'm still having fun, laughing and leaning in to opportunities. There are too many awesome seconds to recount, but to old friends and new friends, thank you. I go home shaken to dig deeper, work harder and collaborate bigger, but I remain unstirred because no matter the miles and distance, we are always together until we meet again in Denver for ISTE 16 or beyond.