At the heart of purpose

Entering year twenty in public education has caused me to pause and reflect about what it all means and what lies at the core of the work. 


Service is central. Serving others through the creation of spaces of learning is my mission field.  There are days when I serve with patience, grace, and compassion, and there are other days when I just survive and need to apologize for my shortcomings.  


My hope everyday is to serve around the stuff that really matters.  Knowing the core of the things that matter has taken years to synthesize, and it continues to evolve. At the core for me are creating the conditions for all kids to grow into happy, caring, and driven solution makers.


To do this,  I look for ways to empower classrooms, schools, and districts to create ways for school to be an authentic experience for all kids.


To do this, I support equity in access. This is access to the tools and resources that amplify learning. Many of these are found within the excellent technology that is available to us, but most importantly, it is access to the wisdom of the people, place, and planet. Learners need access and opportunity to the best information to grow their truth.


To do this, I support beauty in all learning spaces. Inspiration, creativity, and curiosity come when kids learn in spaces with the right light, sound, and air quality, but beyond, inspired learning comes when kids are surrounded by spaces that meet their needs in the ways of movement, intellectual stimulation, and soul feeding energy.


My hope, drive, and mission is to make every interaction, each day a step forward on this journey. It is in this big purpose that I take small steps with hope, joy, and dogged perseverance.