13X13+13- September Edition

I woke up this morning early. Not sure what rattled me from my bed. The idea of having a true fall morning to run certainly helped. I was out the door at 6 a.m. with the hope of running nine miles, but it ended up turning it into my September 13 miler. Truly a beautiful morning. The daybreak and sunrise all played a back drop for the run. I spent a lot time thinking about September 11,  and how September 12 for me was a day of confusion and clarity. I knew that I was and am living in a time less innocent for me and now my family. I decided to take pictures of flags today. I didn't realize how many were on my route, but it was amazing to go flag hunting for 13 miles and truly appreciate the beauty of our country. Also note the red, white, and blue sky that I experienced.