My Visit

Though I had been to the United States Department of Education a few times, until yesterday, I hadn't visited the Office of Education Technology. This office puts the wind into the sails of much of the work that I am pursuing in both Affton and throughout the region. From its sixth floor offices, this group of people work each day to make the lives of teachers and kids just a little bit better (as much as this is possible from Washington, DC). This small group of intelligent, driven individuals are serving all of us in amazing ways, but it is hard to believe that this is possible from the government issued space that they are given to work. There was fresh excitement there during my visit though as they has recently moved offices. In reality, this meant about a 20 foot move for most as they moved from a central set of cubicles to ones closer to the window. This humble move though brought an incredible amount of excitement to this group of 10-12 folks. I realized this "move" was a great example of how learning space design can transform the energy of a space. Though this group was doing the same work, the new space brought a freshness and edge to their work. In this new space, there were  writeable walls, modular seats on wheels, standing desks, an open floor plan with natural lighting, and a prominent display of some 3D printing tools. Over the next year, I'm excited to see the work coming from this office. There are so many projects, ideas, and resources emerging that could support and help all districts in their work to grow more Future Ready and prepare kids to be leaders and solution makers for years to come. Thanks to the team for my visit. It was a reminder that big things can come from humble spaces.