Thankful for New Perspectives

This space has been quiet for a while. I've been coming to grips with lots of different pieces of information and emotions that have filled the month of November. It has been a difficult month for me to balance. I've been leaning into the solution making at my new district work. I've been enjoying the opportunity to work closely with a great school in Georgia. I've also had the chance to be in Iowa and New York with new and old friends. Couple this with an election that drained my emotional tank and a renewed focus on being present at home, and it has been a beautiful, challenging month. 

I've missed this space though as a place to share, play with ideas, and start conversations. Blogging continues to be such an essential reflection space for me, and I wish that I made it a priority among all of my priorities. 

I'm thankful today for some new ideas that are emerging in my thinking. Many of you reading this have had a part in nurturing these ideas from their genesis, and I thank you for those conversations. Thanks for pushing back. Thanks for telling me that my privilege blinds me. Thanks for walking on the idea journey with me. Thanks for being the nugget at the core of some of these ideas. While none of them are completely fleshed out, they are the ideas that I think could drive some meaningful conversations about where we go next. Too many kids need more from their schools. Too many communities are hurting and need more from the next generation. Too much inertia is leading our work. Too much willful blindness fills us. 

What should we talk about next? How about some of these ideas? 

  • Schools have to continue to be places of hopes and dreams. 
  • Schools have an opportunity to reshape communities.
  • No one wants to be told how to change, but we all need each other to make complex change.
  • Great ideas can be global, but change is local, personal, and exhausting.
  • Phrases and tag lines have never scaled change.
  • Whatever adjective we put in front of learning, it is still an organic system that must continue to evolve.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit of children can be squashed by low expectations and schools that focus on compliance and control.
  • Standards that aren't balanced to consider the whole child and developmentally appropriate in pacing trap schools into systems that are counterproductive.
  • We are mired in cognitive redundancy.