Growing Markets Versus Creating Markets

Lots of companies look to improve a market. They look to make their product, idea, or service bigger, stronger, or faster than their market competitors. If you want to see this in action, walk the expo hall of any major education conference, and you will see folks selling their fares in these traditional ways. 


Every once in a while though, you will talk with someone that isn't looking to improve a current vein of services, but they have a product, idea, or service that is truly carving a new path. They aren't an enhancement or a novel way of doing something old, but they are a genuine step into a blue ocean of market where no one else exists. In these moments, I get excited because this is where we find the innovators, the thinkers, and the agents of change. 


If a school is trying to improve their test scores, add programs that others already have, or compete more consistently in athletics or activities, they are looking to improve the market. While this continuous improvement is important, it is the schools that have ventured into a completely new space, with new perspectives, and new metrics that are leading real, meaningful change. The insights from these schools are where innovation, ideas, and energy for change reside. 


The BrightBytes Institute continues to look for these schools and districts that are creating markets as they are natural thought partners in our work as an organization. Help us learn about these places. We want to visit with them. We want to learn with them. We want to support their work. Use our hashtag #bbinstitute to keep us in the loop and continue the conversation.