Where are we turning to learning about success? Is it from the best schools in the country that are splashed across the media as high flying and top performers? Is it from the schools with the top test scores? Is it based on social gossip or neighborhood talk about schools? Looking for scalable, sustainable practices that can transfer from one district to another district is an important quest. It is a quest that allows for change to be seen in practice, and it is only through this examination, reflection, and drive for continuous improvement that organizations can remain healthy and have a culture that is pursuing excellence. What if we have been looking in the wrong places for these golden nuggets for too long? What if the keys to transformation are really hidden in small moments of failure happen in both schools and industry beyond school? Rising from small moments of failure are fresh ideas that maybe were planted in the wrong time or space. Rising from small moments of failure is an energy of hope that if we had to do it over again we would have figured it out. Rising from small moments of failure is a fresh understanding of how the pieces truly fit together into the larger system. Continue this quest for success and excellence in the right spaces, and success can rise for all kids.