Hug Change before it Hugs You


Change is uncomfortable when it is being done correctly. It is this sense of uncomfortable that makes us struggle with change at work and home. It is this uncomfortable that causes us to ask questions for the unintended reason of stalling change? It is this uncomfortable that makes change in learning as we know it, slow in the best places and nonexistent in most? Ultimately, it is this uncomfortable that prevents our kids from getting the changes necessary to truly engage them in the learning. I encourage everyone to hug this change. 


It doesn't make your work easier. It doesn't create better work life balance. It doesn't lead to more money. Hugging change means being an optimist. It is about recognizing that change is energy. Change is opportunity. Change exposes that stale ideas are dead ideas. Hugging change means asking more questions that help you grow. Hugging change means allowing a diffused learning model to exist where kids support kids, experts support kids, and teachers support kids in a new way. 


What did you change this week when it comes to your practice? Did you read different? Did you listen different? Did you smile different? Did you try something different? The challenge to hugging change is about being intentional. 


Notice change. 


Be change. 


Support change. 


Do change.