Educational Power Play


What does it mean to be on the educational power play? The easy answer might be that educators have the man advantage over the students. It could mean that the teachers are in the zone and applying pressure on the students. It could even mean that we are always on offense forcing students into playing defense.


None of those ideas though really seem to resonate for me. It seems like the educational power play is something completely different. It is:

  • Putting ourselves in the best position to score.

  • Executing with precision.

  • Having everyone playing their specific role.

  • Having our community excited about what they are going to see.

  • Dictating the tempo and style that makes sense for us.


If those are the definitions of the educational power play, and this metaphor has some legs, then the next question to ponder is what pieces of our educational system do we need to put in the penalty box for our power play to begin?