Is It Over Yet?

I'm excited to be at ISTE16 all week learning, growing, and thinking with incredible educators from around the country. This gathering of incredible energy can provide a sense of hope when it seems like the world surrounding education is slowly collapsing. It is a reminder about how many hard working, thoughtful, insightful, and service oriented educators surround kids. ISTE is a reminder that great ideas left unshared will never live up to their potential. It is also a reminder that we are swimming in a sea of noise around potential solutions to help kids grow and prepare for life. It is overwhelming to find, pick, and choose the right solutions to meet building and district needs. ISTE is also a chance to realize that growing and learning is about conversations. No program, software, or system is the elixir to needs of the invisible children that are so often forgotten about in our system. The joy of ISTE is upon us. Let it wave over us and heal the wounds of the year. Let the joy give us new perspective, and most importantly, let the joy of ISTE end as soon as it can, so we can return to our work to change the way the world learns one conversations, one decision, and one child at a time.