The Darkness Before the Dawn

Hiding in the darkest parts of the night are the demons that haunt us.


Not every profession has these, but as educators, they stem from the desire to serve, impact, and change the system.


These demons remind us of the mistakes of the past and push us to work harder each day even when giving everything has been the norm. They are demons that cloud over every possibility for a brighter future, and when we let the demons of the night soak in, they hurt us both physically and emotionally. They cause real stress, real pain, and sleepless nights.


These demons take us on a ride into an educational landscape that is messy and raw. There are vivid images of real children and their journeys that haunt the soul and cause second guessing about every decision made along the way. The demons attack the spirit and begin to eat away at the confidence that a difference can be made. They make having a direction, drive, and purpose even more difficult than normal.


This is a dark and lonely place for educators. In this space, there is rarely clarity, but a messy soak in could haves and should haves that leads to a shattering of the servant leader and then even more isolation and disillusionment. It is in these dark places that the mission well can dry and wills are broken. It is in these moments of despair that no success story about a student or family can shine bright enough to burn through these clouds and pain.


It is only the rising of the sun the next morning that gives hope to the new day, but until then...

the pain is real, the hurt is real, and demons lurk.