The Silence of Survival

After a week in Hawaii, it is clear that the raw natural beauty of this place has drawn many to visit and stay. It is unmatched in any of the states on the mainland. It is both raw and delicate, and it allows the spirit to wander. In contrast, when we look beyond this majestic surface, there is a state of survival similar to the rural and urban cities that we call home. There is an economic poverty that is hidden by the natural beauty and the spirit of the island and its residents. Beyond the main roads, there are houses and properties that speak of survival. There are farmers and merchants that count on every dollar from the weekly farmer's market, and there signs everywhere, when we are awake to see them, that these islands that we visit for pleasure have a deafening silence of survival. It is hard to fully enjoy the experience knowing that a struggle by families and kids hides blocks and streets away. I continue to be surrounded by this juxtaposition, but I'm leaving my heart and mind open, open to the beauty and open to pain. More adventures and more real moments lie ahead.