Facilitating Great Learning

Facilitating great learning includes allowing the right amount of frustration, asking the right questions, and coaching individuals into deeper participation and thinking. The role of the facilitator is essential for learning to be maximized. Consider using the following strategies and concepts.

  1. Those that are talking and doing are the most actively engaged in the learning. Great facilitators choose the quantity and quality of their words wisely.

  2. Questions are king. Facilitators often answer questions with questions, but they are careful not to allow new learning to be framed in faulty understandings as unlearning can be most difficult.

  3. Learning happens in mistakes. Great facilitators support learners through mistakes instead of saving them from mistakes.

  4. There is collective wisdom in the room. It is the facilitator’s role to amplify and cross pollinate that wisdom.

  5. Energy is king. Feed the room with positive energy for learning. Model the beauty of discovery and curiosity.