What ISTE isn’t…

The flights are arriving, and the anticipation is building. The granddaddy of education conferences in United States, ISTE, is upon us. (I say granddaddy because of size, scope, not necessarily on impact of design.) I’m truly looking forward to it as I have for a number of years.

Every year I get to interact with some amazing people.

For me, that’s enough, but for many people, they started months ago with the negative talk about ISTE. It’s too big. It’s too corporate. It used to be so much better. It is missing X, Y, Z and more.

It is easy to pick things apart. It is easy to throw rocks. It is easy to complain. I’d encourage everyone to rise above easy and make an attempt to own the hours and days of the event to meet your needs. No one needs to be a victim of ISTE. No one needs to lose sight of what ISTE will never be.

It will never be the solution.

It will never have all of the right people.

It will never be free of sales.

It will never really be about kids first.

It will never change the minds of our state legislators.

It will never have enough minutes to have all of the conversations that we want to have.

BUT…. It will be an opportunity to interact with some amazing people, so do so, and make memories…one small moment at a time.