Your System

There are lots of overlapping systems that impact learning. Many of these systems are complex and require the nuanced decision making of a seasoned education professional to maximize their positive impact on students.

Other systems though lie beyond the control of most of the educators in the country, and too often, it is these systems that inhibit the grow of the systems that we can control on a daily basis. 

When we focus on the frustration of macrosystems that lie beyond our spheres of influence, we grow frustrated and use an incredible amount of energy pushing back and struggling to make them right. Many of these battles warrant our energy, but they can't overwhelm the energy that we need to orchestrate the systems that we can control. 

Each teacher, each principal, and honestly every student has a system that they can positively influence in their school or district. These are the systems that move in a positive way when hard work is applied to their care. These are the systems that bring joy, celebration, and success to schools. These are the systems that allow individual teachers, teacher collaborative, and students to make their mark on the larger system. 

It is in the success of smaller systems that bigger systems bend to upward pressure to change. It is a rarity that the energy that we apply to changing systems that we have little control will result in the changes that are possible when we maximize, amplify, and grow to fruition the systems in which we have the most control. 

Find your system. Focus on your system. Executive in your system. It is here that the momentum begins.