Back to School- The Idea Swirl

The back to school charge is always filled with incredible energy. It is a time of hope, and a belief that all is possible. It is in this renewal that amazing new truths about one of the most complex professions can emerge. Here are a few of the back to school ideas swirling around for me. 

1. We are led too often by inertia, momentum and tradition. It is comfortable, and humans are comfortable by default. As the world spins so quickly with change, it is hard to see how inertia, momentum, and tradition can remain. 

2. The energy and ideas of fresh eyes on an organization only lasts so long. New members of a school community have a unique opportunity to see the culture and organization with fresh eyes, and leaders need to use this resource while it lasts. It means being intentional with new staff about wanting their voice and perspective. 

3. We are better together with other schools. Cognitive redundancy is swamping school. We have to believe that others have already baked 80% of any new idea or initiative. We don't need committees and meetings to figure out the 80%. Instead spend time hyperlocalizing the last 20% so that we can recapture time for different conversations. 

4. Being outside continues to be an amazing learning vehicle. This means getting kids the air, light, and perspective that can only come from being outside. We aren't losing instructional time by supporting the human need for the peace and power that comes from the outside learning space. 

5. There are no heroes in education. There are just amazing educators that don't look to save, but to serve each day with small moments that have big purpose. This is the key to the work, being so tuned in that you can see the specific needs of each student as you orchestrate the daily learning. 

It is that time again. Back to school.