Making Innovation Stick Through Sustainable Change

Dr. Dillon brings twenty years of experience in organization change and innovation to districts across the country. His work is designed to inspire from the outside while growing capacity from the inside. Dr. Dillon has facilitated meaningful learning for teachers, building leaders, district leader, and support staff around the country. He uses a combination of design thinking, questioning, storytelling, and rich conversation to blend a thoughtful and practical learning experience.


With a focus on making change a real and lasting, Dr. Dillon helps educators work from their strength, develop a plan, and launch needed changes so that all kids have a modern learning experience. He sees a nexus between instructional design, purposeful technology integration, and developing value-added learning spaces that support a culture of innovation.

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Instructional Design

  • Curriculum Writing and Planning
  • Project-Based Learning Training
  • Experiential Learning Support
  • Blending Curriculum
  • Understanding by Design Work

Modern learning requires a deeper deep into instructional design. It is essential that all schools are spending time developing robust ways for students to engage with knowledge and showcase their learning. Instructional design is an essential process that can be supported by a former teacher and leader that understands the complexity of daily classroom life. Dr. Dillon has worked with school across the country to construct new mental models and approaches to instructional design.

Technology Infusion

  • Using Technology to Connect Classrooms
  • Developing Technology-Rich Lessons
  • Integrating New Tools into Current Practices
  • Building Innovation Through Technology
  • Create College and Career Readiness Through Technology

Dr. Dillon focuses his technology support on how to use technology to create, make, and design. He believes that technology is a powerful tool that can be used to unlock student choice and voice, but it requires a culture that pursues the use of technology for creation as opposed to consumption. Dr. Dillon has worked to grow leadership capacity in this area as well as with teacher groups, large and small, from K-12 to support their journey to bring a blended, personalized learning experience to all students that they serve.

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Learning Space Design

  • Learning Space Audits
  • Maximizing Learning Spaces for Deeper Learning
  • Designing Learning Spaces that Engage
  • Building Community Support for Learning Space Design.
  • Unlocking the Potential of Learning Spaces


The environment in which we learn impacts greatly the learning that happens, and Dr. Dillon continues to stress this work as he consults with schools around the country on how learning spaces and the culture of learning in these modern spaces can facilitate big change in a short amount of time. As an author of two books on this topic, Dr. Dillon helps to unpack the research around learning spaces and provide practical tips on how to promote collaboration and creativity in a learning space. He also has served on and facilitated school design teams that include parents, architects, students, and teachers. Dr. Dillon has visited 100s of modern classrooms and schools, and has a deep bench of ideas and resources to share with schools in this area.

Growing Student Leadership

  • Facilitating Student Focus Groups
  • Working With Student Leaders
  • Helping to Grow Student Interest Instruction
  • Building Internships and Apprenticeships

Student voice continues to be a key component to the most successful districts. Innovation occurs when students are brought deeply into the change process of a district. Utilizing his twenty plus years of working closely with students as a building leader, Dr. Dillon can work with student groups to build mission, vision, and common language around the needed changes in a school or district. Officials from around the country have said that this work with student have helped them to unlock legacy and tradition that made it difficult for the adults involved with the change to see a path forward. In addition, Dr. Dillon work on issues of empathy-building, digital citizenship, and student advocacy.


Student Digital Portfolios

Maximizing Classroom Engagement

Redefining Success

Building an Innovative Culture

Supporting Teachers in Positive Risk-Taking

Tools for Personalized Learning

Becoming an Excellent Google School

Visible Thinking Routines

Digital Storytelling

Leadership and Social Media



If you are interested in more information please contact Dr. Robert Dillon: 314.650.8423 phone or at Fees are negotiated with individuals schools and organizations based on their consulting needs.