Cultivating Innovation in our Learning Systems

Dr. Robert Dillon provides guidance and support to classrooms, schools, and districts throughout the country on a variety of areas that focus on change and innovation. His work has helped schools to break through barriers to success for kids and build lasting solutions that support real change over time. Below are areas of focus for Dr. Dillon's work as well as a partial list of presentations, keynotes, and seminars that he offers. 

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Leading Connected Classrooms

Today's student deserve modern learning opportunities that feature connected classrooms. Though this often means supporting schools in technology integration work, it is ultimately about culture building and bringing a variety of experiences to the classroom for students to connect with people, place, and planet. Dr. Dillon, based on his work from his book, Leading Connected Classrooms, showcases how districts from around the country are finding ways to re-energize their classrooms through student-centered learning design. Dr. Dillon brings a deep passion and energy for this work to his keynotes, presentations, and seminars. Thousands of teachers have experienced transformation of their classroom through the implementation of his ideas, tools, and resources.

Promoting Change Leadership

The role of the district leader is a complex and dynamic one. Leading in our rapid cycle change environment  can be a challenge for the most successful of school leaders. With his experience as a change agent, Dr. Dillon works with school leaders and school improvement teams on their journey to bring more innovative learning opportunities to their districts. Classroom, schools, and district leaders leave these sessions with practical ideas, tools, and resources for beginning the process of accelerating change in their space. Dr. Dillon focuses on helping schools avoid the missteps that he has seen through his work around the country that can set districts back years in change process. Dr. Dillon's energy for change has helped many districts push through previous resistance.

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Building Future Ready Districts

Building Future Ready districts can be an overwhelming task for school leaders, staff, students, and parents. Dr. Dillon provides structures, processes,  and framework for each level of leadership from the district office to the classroom. His support includes high quality training with focus on strategies for maximizing student engagement,  ways to shift to a student-centered teaching model, and building a culture of create, make, and design in the classroom.This process can include a needs assessment and data collection on the current realities in a school or district, and a custom solution  that includes on-line resources and learning opportunities.

Designing Learning Spaces 

The modern learner needs a space to learn that builds creativity, curiosity, and collaboration. Learning space design continues to be an important facet of innovative schools. Dr. Dillon works with schools to design excellent spaces of learning that meet the individual learning needs of the school. Using a student-centered approach that relies of student voice and a gradual build out process, Dr. Dillon has helped a number of school district change their culture of learning through learning space transformation. His work also focuses on bringing these spaces to life on budget using as much of the  current equipment and furniture as possible through a system of learning space regenesis.

Growing Student Leadership

Student voice continues to be a key component to the most successful districts. Innovation occurs when students are brought deeply into the change process of a district. Utilizing his twenty plus years of working closely with students as a building leader, Dr. Dillon can work with student groups to build mission, vision, and common language around the needed changes in a school or district. Officials from around the country have said that this work with student have helped them to unlock legacy and tradition that made it difficult for the adults involved with the change to see a path forward. In addition, Dr. Dillon work on issues of empathy-building, digital citizenship, and student advocacy.


Student Digital Portfolios

Maximizing Classroom Engagement

Redefining Success

Building an Innovative Culture

Supporting Teachers in Positive Risk-Taking

Tools for Personalized Learning

Becoming an Excellent Google School

Visible Thinking Routines

Digital Storytelling

Leadership and Social Media



If you are interested in more information please contact Dr. Robert Dillon: 314.650.8423 phone or at Fees are negotiated with individuals schools and organizations based on their consulting needs.